Why Mobile Application is Important for any Business Scale?

No matter you are a well-recognized business or just a startup, making an online presence for your business is very essential today because we are living in an Internet era where people go on the internet looking for everything they want. To be more specific, people prefer using their smartphones for doing the same.

With the increasing number of smartphones users, having a Mobile Application for your business has become essential too because these apps have changed the way people perform business. It helps your users to get your business details faster, be connected with your brand, and be active with your business offers. And for a business, Mobile Apps help you reach more customers while delivering related and massive exposure to the brand to stay in the competition.

This clearly proves mobile app development industry has been booming in past few years. There are so many more benefits of having mobile apps which we will talk about later in this article, but as of now, if you are looking for a result oriented Mobile App development firm for your business, I would recommend eComStreet because just having a mobile app is not sufficient, having your business-related mobile app with effective marketing tool is important and eComStreet is very good at that..

Some Impressive Facts about Mobile Apps

With the growing number of mobile users, even the sales of smartphones and tablets have increased, along with a huge increase in Mobile Apps too. For example, back in 2013, Apple released a stats chart that says  App Store got 1.25 million apps registered offering over 50 billion downloads and it got triple by the year 2017. And it clearly proves mobile app development is an essential factor for business success.

Similarly, The PewResearch Internet Project reports that about 50 percent of all Mobile users prefer mobile apps to access data; and out of these, two-thirds of the individuals are regular mobile app users. Talking about facts, according to Build fire, 69% of U.S digital media time is spent on mobile apps. As per Manifest, 49% of people open apps at least ten times a day. And according to Oberlo, 45.4% of the global population today are Mobile users.

The above stats give us a clear view of how important Mobile Apps are for a successful business by bringing a unique opportunity to engage with customers in the global commerce space.

Advantages of Mobile Applications

  1. Global Audience Reach

As we already said above, mobile and mobile apps are the key factors in reaching a massive number of users worldwide, the above statistics show us a clear view of how the number of smartphone users increase every year. Going into more detail, 50% of the population out of 7.7 billion today owns a smartphone and they spent approximately more than 2 hours over mobile apps, as per eMarket research.

  1. Accessibility without Internet

Another advantage of having Mobile Apps is offering accessibility and user engagement even without the internet. This means you can engage your customers with your marketing strategies even when they are out of internet coverage.

  1. Marketing On The Go

As said, Mobile Apps are as good as having your business presence in your customer’s pocket on the go. For example, an App can manage all with scrolls and taps for everything you have to offer to your customer. eComStreet develops Mobile applications with on-the-go marketing interface support.

  1. Social Engagement as Marketing Tool

There are thousands of social media apps today that people use on smartphones to keep connected with their loved ones, friends, family as well as their own audience. Integrating Social media platforms with your business mobile applications helps to grow your brand identity since people like to share, comment, etc for products and services you offer them. Getting your customers valuable feedback acts as an effective marketing tool for your business..

  1. Brand Loyalty

Generating Trust and Loyalty among your users and customers is very crucial for every business. Providing special discounts and offers to your users as per their interests is an essential way of ensuring loyalty. Wondering how do you get to know your user’s interest? Well, Mobile Apps are built to notify you about the interest of the user using which you can personalize brand loyalty programs. But don’t forget, you have to get a good developer for your mobile app.

  1. User Friendly & Time Saving

As per the stats above, it is no secret why people love spending time or using Mobile apps over time. All because Apps’s user-friendly and easy user interface offers products, information, process, and services that they want in real-time. Also, these Mobile Apps keep your customer updated through notifications about changes to your services. Offering all these features quickly saves their time and thus they like it.

Mobile Application Development Cost

Well, we now know how important a mobile application is for your business’s success. This also means, if not yet, you must find a good Mobile App Developer and have one created for your enterprise. There are many companies where you can even outsource app development. Talking about the cost, there are several factors that give the final cost of your mobile app development. Some of these factors are as follow:

  • Number of platforms (Android, iOS or Hybrid) you want your App to work.
  • Number of features you want in your application.
  • Number of hours your app development takes.
  • Overall project complexity.


If you have read the article carefully, you definitely know a business just cannot neglect to have a mobile application for growth and development. An effective Mobile Application takes care of both customers’ and business’ requirements, as well as offers an effective marketing tool. It offers an opportunity to engage with an entirely new type of customer all at their fingertips. So, if you are a well-known brand or even SME, contact an experienced mobile app development firm like eComStreet and have your business mobile app right away.



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