October 12, 2019


Web&Mobile Development




“Move In History” is nothing like you have ever seen before. “Move In History” will
change the way the world buys and rents property. “Move In History” is breaking new
ground in internet real estate technology and services. “Move In History” is a cross
between Carfax and Angie’s List. “Move In History’s” technology fixes the disconnect
between renters and property owners. “Move In History” is a subscriber based service
with high quality and cost effective technology platforms that provide real time access
to the history of property and land in database driven reports. If you believe in dreams
and a higher power this is the right investment for you, “Move In History” actually was
the result of a detailed dream in October 2011 that outlined television commercials,
animated characters and various reports titled “MIH Reports” for Move In History
Reports. Call it DESTINY, FATE, or PURPOSE! “Move In History” has the potential to
become a multinational conglomerate. There is a slogan used in a movie, “Field Of
Dreams” made in my home state of Iowa, “If you build it, they will come.” If we build
it, consumers and businesses will come with branding and marketing of “Move In History”!
“Move In History” is DESTINY, FATE, and PURPOSE!