Reasons to choose Flutter for your future App development

Reasons to choose Flutter for your future App development


We all know how important it is today to have a business Mobile App. It helps increase user engagement, productivity, user-friendly, and so on. Now since global mobile users are divided into two parts, Android & iOS, it becomes very costly for a business to get both Apps to cover up the entire audience because both are completely different platforms. This is where the Flutter plays a very important role in your future app development.

The reason you must always choose Flutter for your Mobile App development is that it is a Cross-Platform that lets you have both Android as well as iOS applications with a single base code. Before knowing more about Flutter, let's learn about Cross-Platform. As its name suggests, this is something that helps you build an app that supports the cross platform, i.e. Android and iOS both. Just like Flutter by Google, there's another one called React Native which is developed by Facebook. Both do the same work but since Flutter and Android both belong to Google, it is more popular and effective.

Using Flutter for your Mobile App development, you can really save a lot of money that is spent on creative two apps (Android & iOS) for the same business. Let's learn some more important reasons why you must choose Flutter:

1. Flutter is Open source:

This is a huge benefit. Google developed Flutter for improving their applications but kept it open source for all developers. So, if you are using it for your app development, you just don't need to pay anything for Flutter, and also you get cross platform mobile app. However, developers will surely charge you because just having FLutter doesn't create a mobile app.

2. Flutter provides a better user experience:

When we are talking about Mobile App development, the first thing that comes into mind is a better User experience. And as we know, Google's main motive behind creating Flutter was to offer a better User Experience. They just wanted to make users comfortable without putting any extra effort into finding any features in the mobile app.

3. Flutter is fast:

Another important aspect we must crave while developing a mobile app is its speed. Flutter is faster than many other frameworks including Android’s Kotlin and IOS’s C# or Swift. It also takes lesser resources on the phone and provides a better performance which impacts your business at a massive scale. If your app is slow then users don’t like to use the app irrespective of the features. So, if you are someone who is thinking of creating a mobile app, you must consider contacting the best Mobile app development agency. Check if they have flutter projects in their portfolio. Additional themes are made available for Android and iOS applications. Not just the color but the size and refinement also vary. While using Flutter for building apps comprises various domains like education, entertainment, utility, e-commerce, social, health, and fitness. Flutter has authorized platforms for impressive UIs.

4. Better UI:

If you know the importance of UI and thinking to offer the best of it with your mobile app, then Flutter is the best choice you have got. Flutter is a group of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc.) that you simply can customize consistent with your own needs. Flutter’s library is filled with fast and customizable widgets; which you can customize to fit your needs. These widgets are often used across multiple platforms and layouts, making them highly portable and responsive for developing a mobile application.

5. Saves a Lot of Time for Everyone:

Flutter offers numerous features and one of those is Code Reusability. It saves both time and money. You'll use one code to make an app that operates perfectly on multiple platforms. What's more? It reduces the application's maintenance expenses too.

Flutter also reduces the development time because we only need to work on a single app and that will work on both platforms (Android and as well as IOS, you can also create applications for desktops os’s such as Windows, Linux, and MAC). So flutter is a full-fledged application solution for your business.


If you are thinking of updating your application according to the latest technology trend, then you must do it using flutter which will help you save money. You can hire contact the best mobile development company which is experienced in Flutter to develop your Flutter-based mobile app development. We at eComstreet, focus on creating the best-suited application for your business, we analyze your business requirement and then we draw any conclusion. We are experienced in Flutter, which will help your company grow. So, you can easily contact us using our mail id provided on our website.




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