MEAN vs MERN – What Stack to Choose for Your Business

It is one of the most difficult tasks to choose a tech stack for your business because there are a lot of them and each one of them is good in some aspect. So, you must understand your business needs before opting for a tech stack for your business. If you are thinking of developing an app then you get to choose between two tech stacks mainly, one is the MEAN, and another one is MERN. You must be very conscious while choosing your stack because it defines your priority, cost, time appearance, and what you will accomplish.


The very first thing which comes into our mind is an APP experience, which is the key factor while creating an application, whether it’s a mobile application or web application. Apps are the collections of various programming languages, frameworks, libraries, plugins, databases, and more. While creating an app we do a lot of combinations and permutations to get the desired output and if you get wrong at some point then the whole app can go wrong.

So, choosing the tech stack based on the requirements is important. While choosing we must consider the following:

  • Your project requirements

  • Development and maintenance cost

  • Scalability

  • Security

  • Time to market

  • Target users

If we could choose our tech stack keeping above mentioned stuff in mind along with the business needs, then the created outcome will be the best in the market.

MERN Stack

One of the most famous tech stacks for development is the MERN. It stands for Mango DB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js. MERN stack is a widely used end-to-end framework for app development.

Programmer scanning screen on his smartwatch with smartphone camera[/caption]

One of the most famous tech stacks for development is the MERN. It stands for Mango DB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js. MERN stack is a widely used end-to-end framework for app development.

Advantages of MERN stack for app development

Excellent community support: MERN stack has great community support from a highly engaged community which makes it beginner-friendly.

React Library: MERN stack has an inbuilt React library, which offers developers access to high-end tools that make development easy and fun. And it comes quite handy from a design perspective.

Model-view-controller: MERN stack’s MVC architecture makes for a smooth development process, freeing up developers to specialize in improving app functionalities.

No context switching: Since MERN Stack uses only JavaScript for both frontend and backend development, app developers don't get to be bothered with context switching which makes for efficient app development.

Easy learning curve: Developers conversant in JavaScript and JSON can easily get on board with the MERN stack without much ado. The straightforward learning curve reduces training time and provides businesses access to a wider pool of developers, ultimately resulting in an honest product.

Flexibility: With its open-source nature and no licensing disputes to stress about, the MERN stack offers flexibility to settle on your choice of development tools, components, and frameworks. You get to create and customize your app any way you wish and find yourself with top-quality, high-performance products. The JS stack gives developers the pliability to create pages on the server as and when required.

MEAN Stack

In 2022, if you go through the latest development survey, you will get to know that all the best app development agency uses the MEAN stack to develop scalable apps. MEAN stack represents MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. Best app Development agency prefers MEAN Stack for developing both adaptable mobile and web apps since it is a JavaScript-based open-source tech stack.

Being a JavaScript tech stack, MEAN is often used for developing all types of applications starting from native and hybrid mobile apps to web apps. It uses Angular JS which may be a structural framework for a few of the foremost dynamic mobile and web apps. The MEAN stack includes all the tools and plugins needed to form app development a smooth and quick process.

Programmer scanning screen on his smartwatch with smartphone camera[/caption]

Advantages of using MEAN stack:

Easy on the pocket: MEAN stack is cost-efficient for start-ups and small businesses. Being open-source and JavaScript-based, it lowers development costs as well as maintenance.

Isomorphic coding: MEAN allows isomorphic coding using which code can be written easily in one framework to a different. It enables easier data flow across components on both the client and server sides because it uses a standard language for both.

Scalability: MongoDB features like auto-sharing, high availability, and replication make the MEAN stack exceptionally conducive to scaling up applications as your traffic grows with time. It also helps you easily scale all the front and backend layers alongside the database.

Reusability and Speed: Since Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, the MEAN stack provides developers with a high level of reusability, testability, maintenance, and excellent development speed.

Security: Keeping your application secure from cyberattacks should be one of the highest priorities for businesses. The 2020 McAfee mobile threat report states that half the mobile threats in 2019 came from malicious apps. MEAN stack gives developers all the essential security tools to stay their apps safe from malicious threats.

Cloud compatible: MEAN stack further increases speed and reduces circle space cost by being cloud compatible. MongoDB sends cloud functions within the app keeping your app lightweight, fast, and simply accessible.

Easy Switching: Using an equivalent language on both server-side and client-side means developers can easily switch between the 2 sides enabling quick development.


MERN Stack is great tech for learning but it’s not for businesses, so you should prefer MEAN Stack which is the best choice for most App development as well as for Web development agencies. If you are going to build an application for your business then you can opt for an organization that develops their app using the MEAN stack.


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