How Metaverse Could Radically Reshape Fashion?



What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Fashion"? I’m pretty sure you will imagine some models doing ramp walks wearing some new kind of dresses. Well, that's not all that fashion is about. It is the term that defines new trends in clothes. Before the clothes get available for us, the designer draws them on a notepad using their imagination, and then those designs after getting short-listed by the brands. After that, they get stitched and then they get to showcasing step, and then we get to witness the ramp walk. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but the process is very hectic and time-consuming.  With the intervention of metaverse, things will change to some extent, but the basic procedure will be the same, which will start from a sketchpad, but the sketchpad can be in 3D which will simply reduce the cost of trying and running. We will be able to witness how it will look on a human being. Let’s understand things in detail.

So, the thing is as of now everything is available online like from vegetables to medicines, phones to shares, clothes to education. We have access to everything over the internet. We can buy google shares from India and sell Indian products in any country on the globe everything is possible because we have access to the internet. But with the Web3 and metaverse, we will be taking things one step further.

Until now we were only able to see and talk to people using phones or laptops, no matter where the person is around the globe but with metaverse, we will also be able to touch their virtual avatar. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Avatar? It is an animated figure which looks like a human being at a certain limit, but no person has recently created an Avatar that exactly looked like him. So, these avatars will certainly open a new door for the fashion industry.

Earlier decentralized space was only accessible by users connected to the game industry, but with the collaboration with metaverse brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Burberry are playing an important role in the fashion industry for Metaverse and experimenting with a lot of ways for utilizing the metaverse and simplifying the whole process of developing a new trend.

Their Motive is to make the fashion industry accessible to everyone, everyone who possesses the skills and creativity but they are not able to utilize these skills.

As of now, this intervention fashion industry is divided into three subcategories:

1. Physical Digital fashion

This fashion is a digital fashion that informs the way physical fashion is produced. It will be showcased online but the product will be physical.

2. Phygital Fashion

This will be something unique, it will combine both physical and Digital, which means the fashion will be created for avatars but will also be available in physical form and can be worn by real human beings.

3. Fully Digital Fashion

This is something that is only available for avatars. This means people will specially order or want to create only for their meta-Avatars. To be honest, Fashion designers who are interested in Metaverse intrusion are only focusing on Phygital Fashion and Fully Digital Fashion.


Metaverse itself is in a development phase so we cannot predict how it will turn out for which industry. But if we use metaverse carefully it will do wonders for every industry which can be run in digital forms. Similarly, the fashion industry will also change and I’m sure it will certainly reduce the cost of production. Because one thing is certain with metaverse, they won’t need any model to showcase their product they can easily create an avatar and it will do the work. And from a survey, it’s a curtain that signing models for the advertisement and showcasing the most expensive part of this after production cost.





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