Which is Better: a Standard CMS or Custom Development?

standard cms custom development


Web development is a long process, it is not just about creating a static or any other website. It’s all about adding features, handling the load, how your website relates to the backend, how good your UI is, and how frequently a user comes to your website. Keeping all in mind I’ll try to suggest which is the best for what type of business. First thing first, let’s understand how Standard CMS and Custom development work because without knowing that we will not be able to take the right decision.

CMS or Content Management System is just a tool to manage the content (Images, Texts, videos, etc.) over the web. CMS is user-friendly, which means new users with very less technical knowledge can easily use it and manage websites on their own.

Custom websites are for someone who can understand terms like Operating systems, Computer networks, Servers, etc. In Custom websites we can easily create a website from very scratch and define the UI we want. Also, we can create any kind of specific features we want. A better example of a such custom website would be “Leetcode and Codechef”. These are websites where people can practice coding questions on various topics (Data structures or Algorithms) using various programming Languages (C++, C, Python, java, etc.). These are dynamic websites that are different for every user. And if you are one of them who doesn’t know about the dynamic website, go and check the page to find a detailed informative blog on “Dynamic website”. Custom websites are created to perform a specific task.

There are several websites on the internet which is created on some CMS and do more than just manage the content. So, the thing is CMS are also created by various custom web developers or companies which is totally focused on creating a website and these websites can be easily installed by anyone. So, we can also say that CMS developers created custom websites and save them as a template so that these websites can be used for creating nice-looking websites.

There are various options to opt for CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. To be honest, choosing between CMS or custom web development is more on personal preferences and some important aspects such as cost and scalability.

Here are some aspects of choosing a website development process and deciding which is best for your requirements.


standard cms custom development

It is the most important aspect of choosing a web development process. So, to be frank, CMS is cost-effective and cheap and a small business can easily adapt this to their website development.But at the same time when we think of customizing the website, CMS costs more and a small business can not afford that. But Custom Website development costs more at the beginning but when we plan to expand and customize the website it’s also cost-effective.


standard cms custom development

When we start building a website using CMS, we use pre-built templates for the user interface. It is loaded with a lot of stuff that is not even needed for everyone / every website. If not customized carefully, CMS can slow down the performance. On the other hand when we opt for custom website development, we only use the required things, because we are creating a website specifically for a particular type of website. If your business's official website has good performance then Google will rank higher in search.

Speed of development

standard cms custom development

When we want our website quickly or you want to make your website public as soon as possible then CMS is the only option for you.





The best conclusion I can add to this blog is, if you have a small business or a start-up owner and you just want to have an eCommerce website or a website to showcase your past work then Standard CMS is the best option for you, or else you can go with custom development. You can add a lot of things to your website Using CMS.

If you have a wide range of users or your start-up idea is based on some specific features or technology then you must opt for Custom website development. But first, you must know your business and then opt for these things. If you have some doubts about taking decisions then opt for an expert Business development company and they will guide you with this.



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