Why Website Loading Speed Is Important Website Performance?

Important Website Performance?

Every business nowadays is switching online to maintain their profits or at least their survivability, especially since the pandemic. And the first step to getting online is by getting a website for their business that helps keep customers connected and increase website performance. Hence it is very important to have a fully functional and user-friendly website because it is the one that keeps you connected with your customers.

A good website consists of several crucial parts that a best web development company must focus on for best results. By saying crucial parts, I meant its design, content, user experience, user navigation, and the most important thing is its Loading Speed. Because if the website takes too long to load, your customers will simply switch to other instead of waiting. In this blog, we are going to talk about the website's loading speed in detail.

A fast website is always a plus for your business because the faster the website better the conversion. On the other hand, a slow website will give you a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate. Today when there's a huge competition, no one has the patience to wait for your website to load. Visitors going to drop off the website when your website has a long list of the conversion funnel because it decreases the performance of the website up to 20 times. Let’s break down the website's overall effect on your business.

Website Speed Impacts the SEO:

Every business today is concerned about its search ranking, and the website loading speed is an essential factor for it. Site speed matters more when a user is accessing a website using a mobile phone. Google has a Mobile-first index moving forward, which means this is the time to optimize websites for mobile phones. A better site speed is the sign of a better user experience, and if your website is slow, it results in a poor user experience. This simply means if your page is faster, then your page will be at the top, or else Google will change your ranking accordingly. If you check your website's performance you will notice that on desktop it is better but on mobile, it's worst, the only reason for that is on desktop we have better bandwidth than mobile. So, if your website has a bad speed and you want to improve, contact the best web development company and do improve your SEO ranking.

Website Speed Impacts on Paid Search:

Nowadays we focus on paid search which means, we bid for keywords related to our business, and then we use that keyword on our blogs which helps us attract more traffic towards our website. With paid keywords, there is a thing like when we bid for keywords and it gets assigned, the profit and loss depend on your page’s quality. This means if your page quality (have poor users) is low, Google will rank your page lower. And due to bad performance, you will pay more, because the cost of keywords is defined by how much you pay (CPC - cost per click) and your average position on the SERP (Search engine Result Page). If your website has low site speed or performance, you will pay more as CPC, and your page will be less relevant on SERP.

Website Speed Impacts Social Ads:

Just like Google doesn't like slow-loading websites, social giants such as Facebook don't like it. Facebook paid Ads are also dependent on your page’s quality or performance, because Facebook (META) also favors higher site rankings when it comes to ads. In 2017 Facebook implemented an enhanced algorithm that is more focused on better user experience and overall site performance. So, now social media marketing is one of the basic needs, and to utilize that you must have a website with better website performance.

Page Speed Affects User Experience, Which Affects Your Business


Website Loading Speed Is Important Website Performance?

Page speed can only do 2 things for your website, either it can make, or it can break. In the early 1990s users were willing to wait for an average period of 8 seconds for your website to load but now users are not that patient. According to studies users are only willing to wait for 2 seconds, if the website couldn’t load within two seconds, then they leave the website and move to other. That’s the sole reason that the best web development company focuses on reducing the website load time to 2 seconds.

1. Seconds Matters: Just improving the website load speed by a few seconds can show a drastic change in your revenue. Here are some examples which can prove the above points.

  • Shopzilla enhanced site performance from six seconds to 1.2 seconds, which boosted revenue by 12 percent and page reach by 25 percent.
  • Mozilla witnessed 60 million more additional downloads per year by assembling their page 2.2 seconds faster.
  • Bing found that a two-second delay in page load time led to a 1.8 percent drop-off in queries, a 3.75 percent reduction in clicks, more than a 4 percent loss in satisfaction, and a 4.3 percent loss in revenue per visitor.
  • Amazon figured that deceleration of just one second in page load could cost it $1.6 billion in deals each year.

2. Milliseconds can do wonders: When your whole business is dependent on the website then enhancing the website performance by milliseconds can also show you wonders in your revenue.

  • Walmart and Amazon both witnessed a 1 percent increase in revenue for every 100 milliseconds of enhanced page loading speed.
  • Yahoo saw a 9 percent increase in traffic for every 400 milliseconds of page loading speed refinement.
  • Google renounces 20 percent of its traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it bears for a page to load.


In today’s competitive world where every day 10 new businesses are coming into existence; we must focus on our business strategies and if you are in an online business then website performance is very crucial for your business. If you have read this blog, then you must have a good idea about the role of website load speed impact in your revenue and digital marketing strategies. So, if your website has a bad performance, slow loading speed then you must get your website done from the best web development company chicago as soon as possible


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